Forms, Licenses & Permits

The Town of Scott requires permits for: demolitions, new homes, additions, attached garages, accessory buildings (detached garages, sheds, etc.), remodeling, erosion control, signs, electrical service.

The Town uses the "Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application" for all building permits. For permits that are not for a new home, please complete the portions of the form that are relevant to the project.

Please call the Town Hall if you have questions, permit fees, application process, and required inspections.

Erosion Control Permit

WPS Electrical Form

UDC Permit Application


Dog licenses expire on December 31 each year as indicated on the license – avoid added cost to dog licenses by renewing them when they expire at the end of the year. It is the requirement of owners to license all dogs. (WI Stat. 174). All dogs must have current rabies shots. If your dog is currently licensed in the Town and the rabies shot has not expired within the past year the Town will have a copy on file – there is no need to resend the certification.

If your dog is no longer a part of your family please sign the back of your license and state the reason. Return to the Town of Scott Town Hall so that your dog can be removed from Town records.

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Dog License Application