Economic Development

"Economic and Residential Development":

The Town of Scott strongly desires to promote economic development. The Town has designated, through its zoning ordinance and zoning map, portions of the Town that are set aside for business, commercial and industrial development. Most of these commercial and industrial zoned properties are served by sewer and water.

The Town also promotes residential development. There are numerous subdivisions in the Town, subdivisions that have sewer service and some that have water service. The Town provides curbside garbage and recycling to all residential properties on a weekly basis. Most of the Town has internet service provided by Centurylink or Time Warner.

The Town of Scott has four sanitary districts. These sanitary districts serve approximately 75% of the area of the Town. The Town also has a water utility. This water utility provides water to approximately 33% of the area of the Town.

The Town has a very low overall tax rate. The tax rate for the tax bills for the Town of Scott currently is $15.37 per thousand dollars of assessed value. This tax rate is the third lowest in Brown County, within pennies of being the lowest rate.